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embroidery art, sequins, waste plastic, textile art, stitching

Cheryl Hutchens is a textile artist and needle worker based in Adelaide, South Australia, and working from Switchboard Studios, Norwood.

She makes work inspired by her equal compulsions for the history and material culture of cloth, and the biological examination of human embodiment and corporeal existence. She explores the how and why of the living body in small scale cloth and stitch works that contain an unsettling blend of beauty and terror. She completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the South Australian School of Art in 1999 and returned to achieve first class Honours in 2013. She has studied dressmaking, travelled a little, and lived in London where a fascination for history and collections was spawned whilst working at the Tate Britain. Cheryl has exhibited locally and nationally, and her work is included in the University of Adelaide Art Collection.

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